Oriental Cat character

The character of the Oriental cat is very close to that of the Siamese. It is a lively cat, intelligent, playful, inquisitive, outgoing and engaging. The Oriental cat is very attached to his master, so they are often nicknamed "cat-dog". In addition, the Oriental cat is talkative and "communicate" if we talk to him, he is capable of emitting several types of sounds according to their feelings of the moment or as he wants us to understand. Very sociable, he also fears loneliness and should always have at least one cat friend with him.

In your busiest moments of the day, your Oriental cat will find a way to interrupt your activities, either by giving a whim while you eat, or helping you to choose from the wardrobe the clothes you will wear for the day or it will seek with you the food in the refrigerator needed for the recipe you want to do and he will monitor the quality of your work.

In quieter moments, he will lie on you to watch TV, purring and rubbing the nose on your face or on your hands so that you understand that he wants to be petted. The Oriental cat has an equal and colorful personality. After work, he will be at the door telling you how he found the long day and that he was worried; give him all the attention and the love he desperately needs and he will do all he can to make you happy; ignore him and he  will fall into despair.

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The Oriental Shorthair cat is physically obviously close to that of the modern Siamese. Slender, slim, muscular, athletic body; very fine hair and pasted on the body accentuates the elegant effect.

His head is triangular, the almond eyes are placed at an angle, they have bright green or blue sapphire eye color. The ears are large, broad at the base and must follow the angle of the head to complete a perfect triangle shape. The profile should be a straight line from the tip of the nose to the top of the head. The legs are tall and thin with small oval feet. The tail is long and very fine also.

All coat colors are accepted (Except for the CFA, the pointed is not accepted in competition), there are over 300 possible colors in solid, tabby and bicolor. Marriages with the following breeds are allowed: Balinese, Siamese and Mandarin.

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Amourichat cattery is a small cattery where cats are raised in family environment; kittens born in my room and remain there until the age of two months when they receive their second set of vaccines; I then put them in contact with the  other cats in the house to begin their socialization with different cats other than their mother, this is done in stages, however.

From birth, I began to socialize them with humans in order to get the most loving and lovable cats as possible for people who will adopt them later as a pet. This is even easier because it is an inherent characteristic of the breed, they are very attached
to humans, almost emotionally dependent. I work with Great Champions lines some of which were imported from the United States and other from Hungary after having studied the pedigrees, in order to avoid inbreeding and hereditary diseases and also to improve the standard of the breed.

In the United States,Orientals have a nice firm and long body and in Europe they have the broadest ear at the base and they are placed lower. This is why I use these two types of Orientals. My cattery is registered in CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), CCA (Canadian Cat Association) and TICA (The International Cat Association), I am also a member of OSA (Oriental Shorthairs of America) and I show my cats in CFA, CCA and TICA, in exhibitions in Canada and the United States, which allows me to compare my lines to breed standard and continue to improve it.

I only have a few litters a year and I love my kittens, so it is very important for me to find them a good family, I'll ask a lot of questions about you if you are interested in adopt one of my furry babies.



St-Lin Laurentides, Quebec